Access to gymnastics classes at GymAc are subject to the following terms and conditions which are designed to clearly articulate the rights and obligations of members and for the comfort and enjoyment of all.

1. Introduction
1.1 This Online System is owned and operated by GymAc whose address is Iqbal road, Grand Baie, Mauritius.
1.2 We have taken care in the preparation of the system. However, as certain technical matters may be beyond our control, we cannot guarantee that you will have uninterrupted access to the system at all times.

2. Definitions
2.1 ‘The Club’- means ‘GymAc’.
2.2 ‘Member’-means the person applying to participate in offered activities or if under 18 years then parent and child applying to participate in classes at The Club.
2.3 ‘Venue’ means whole of premises where services are provided from time to time  (including car parking, waiting areas and amenities).
2.4 The terms of this agreement will be limited to the conditions listed on this document. Oral agreements of any kind shall not alter or vary the terms of this agreement.

3. Membership
3.1 In order to access classes, thus become a class Member, individual must be accepted by The Club into an available class and hold a fully paid Club subscription fee.
3.2 On application a Member will pay at least the first month fee, as well as subscription fee to hold on a valid membership.
3.3 To enter competitions, tours, events or clinics a member must pay the appropriate fee by the due date and have a fully paid membership at the time of nomination and participation.

4. Fees
4.1 Signing up for classes is a rolling commitment (Excluding pay as you go programme).
4.2 Fees must be paid in full before 5th of each month. 
4.3 If payment is not received before the stated date an additional penalty of  Rs 400.00 will be added to the required fee. (Link to Gymac price list) 
4.4 Invoices are emailed out and we do send out reminders, however failure to pay after the required date will mean your child/children forfeiting their membership at the club. 
4.5 If you wish to re-join you will be added to waiting list. Re-subscription fee is Rs 1000.00.
4.6 If you wish to cancel your course at any time, refunds will not be given and 2 weeks of class must be given as notice period. (2 weeks of classes must be paid for, regardless of whether the gymnast chooses to continue in class or not)
4.7 Cancellation must be given by email or Whatsapp message to our administration team.
4.8 The fees are non-refundable unless there are special circumstances in which case the refund is at our discretion.

5. Classes
5.1 Classes will be offered at the Venue at times as notified by The Club.
5.2 A position in a class will only be held for the period a member has a valid paid up membership.
5.3 In exceptional circumstances, it may be necessary for Gymac to cancel a class. If this happens, you will be notified with as much notice as possible by email and on our social network.

6. Holidays
6.1 Holidays taken within course dates will not decrease the price of the course. Full payment for the course must still be made and no refunds will be given for weeks missed due to holidays. 

7. Missed Classes
7.1 It is normal that from time to time Members will be unable to attend their scheduled class due to family or school commitments or sickness.  
7.2 Missed classes will not be rescheduled as a right of membership. 

8. Public Holidays
8.1 Classes do not operate on Public Holidays as gazetted by the Government of Mauritius.
8.2 Members Make up lessons will not be provided for classes missed due to a Public Holiday.

9. Dangerous Weather  / Shut Down Conditions
9.1 The Club will follow advice from State Emergency Services and competent government regarding severe weather warnings and shut down due to health concerns.  
9.2 Refunds or make-up lessons will not be provided as a right if dangerous weather conditions or health advice require the cancellation of classes.

10. Refunds
10.1 If the classes are cancelled by GymAc the refund is provided in a way of credit.
10.2 In case of serious illness or injury for period longer than one month refund will be provided after presenting the valid medical certificate.
10.3 Under no other circumstances will any other subscription be refunded.

11. Conduct
11.1 It is a requirement of entry to the Venue that all Members and guests follow the instructions of management including rules, regulations and policies as published, distributed or posted from time to time in the venue.
11.2 Management reserves the right to refuse entry to classes or the Venue or cancel a subscription without refund if conduct interferes with the safety or comfort of the Member, other Members, guests or staff.
11.3 Children who are in the Venue but not participating in classes are to remain under the direct care of an adult at all times. Only participants under the direct supervision of a coach may enter the gymnastics area or adjacent court areas. All other children are asked to refrain from using any gymnastics equipment.
11.4 If ever parents are staying at the training time they can stay at the parents space / cafeteria however they are not allowed to accompany children at the place of practice (exception Parents and TOT’s class).
11.5 No shoes allowed in the Gym.
11.6 GymAc is non-smoking area within the 5m of the premises. (Exception is at GymAc smoke free zone) 
11.6 No eatables/chewing gum/drinking within the training area. This is not applicable at parent’s area / cafeteria. 

12. Suspensions
12.1 Serious Injury/Illness Related Suspensions – Available on subscription.  Suspension/extension will be granted for periods of four weeks (or more) of injury or illness if a Doctor’s certificate is provided to The Club, within one week of the ‘start’ date indicated on the certificate.
12.2 Certificate needs to state ‘date to date’ of expected absence and how this injury/illness directly affects the member’s ability to participate.
12.3 Under no circumstances will suspensions be backdated. 
12.4 In all cases, class positions can NOT be held during a period of suspension.

13. Media Policy
13.1 Members are advised that from time to time their child’s image may be captured by photos or videos during training, regular or special events. 
13.2 Subscription at The Club serves as an acknowledgement to use any images captured by GymAc for the purposes of promotional material, media or other purposes without further permission being necessary.
13.3 If Members do NOT want their child’s image to be used in any promotional material, the Member must advise The Club accordingly. 
13.4 Without acknowledgement and agreement with GymAc no members are allowed to take pictures or make videos of the activities going on at GymAc, so as to not to share in Social Media or in WhatsApp.

14. Waiver
14.1 Registration at The Club serves as an acknowledgement that there are risks / dangers associated with participation in the sport of gymnastics as members participate in activities involving height, rotation and motion. 

15. Health & Safety
15.1 Medical Information: In the interests of the child’s well-being whilst in the care of GymAc must be informed of any medical or other condition affecting the child.
15.2 GymAc is not responsible for children outside the agreed program time or for a child making their way to and from a program venue.
15.3 Training safety: Be on time for class, as warm up is an important part of keeping and staying safe. (Individuals who arrives later than 25 minutes from the start of the general group class will not be allowed to join the course due to the absence of warm up)
15.4 No playing on equipment until class begins at coach’s instruction. Children must follow coach instruction for their own safety. 
15.5 Please wear appropriate attire. No jewellery that may catch and cause injury, exceptions: medical ID tags/bracelets. 
15.6 Hair should be tied back away from their face. No valuable items should be brought to the gym. 
15.7 GymAc is not responsible for lost or stolen items. 
15.8 Students may not leave class without permission from their coach/instructor. This includes trips to bathroom and water fountain. 
15.9 No jumping off equipment onto floor, walk or climb carefully. Dismount onto landing mats only. Spotting gymnastic skills to be done by coaches only.
15.10 Gymnasts are expected to be respectful and show good manners in the gym. 
15.11 No fighting of any kind will be tolerated. 
15.12 Report any sickness or injury to coach. 
15.13 Lift equipment properly. 
15.14 Enthusiasm and motivation when appropriately channelled can lead to the acquisition of new skills, however, no skill should be attempted without permission and/or safety spotting from club coach. 
15.15 We ask that each child has a basic understanding of English/French language in order to keep safety for your child and other students. 
15.16 The club reserves the right to remove children from the class failing to act in a safe manner.
15.17 Sport injury and illness: Advice coach if you are feeling ill or have symptoms of illness. Please advice coach is your child is on medication. Children on medication which may affect their co-ordination skills should not be allowed to attend classes. Report an injury, unusual pain or discomfort felt during participation to your coach immediately. Injured students are expected to gain an assessment of injury from a doctor.
15.18 Health & safety emergencies: In an emergency situation where your child needs medical attention, staff will ensure that every effort possible is made to get hold of the parents/caregivers/emergency contacts. If contact is unsuccessful, I authorize any person (acting through the contract coaches of GymAc) in the event of any accident or illness to my child, to take such steps as may be necessary for the proper treatment and care of my child.
15.19 In case of an accident, every member is insured under our public liability policy by Eagle Insurance LTD and every member under 18 years of age is also part of group personal accident insurance provided by Eagle Insurance LTD.

16. Contact Information
16.1. For any questions or concerns regarding these terms and conditions, please contact us at