Dear parents, friends, and supporters,

Christmas is here, and the year 2023 is almost over, I would like to wish you peaceful holidays and a great year ahead.

I would also like to say a few things about this year and what is waiting for us in the next year.

2023, the year of getting used to big changes.

This year was big to us, as all the gymnasts experienced already full year preparation in fully equipped gym @Gymac.

We are still only one centre in Mauritius to offer such a condition but even being the only ones we still trying to improve better training conditions for our gymnasts. There is always something to improve:

This year it was investment into new floor area, new springboards, two new beams and additional training bar.

Addition of new parking Area for Gymac customers.

Moving of the toilet into the inside area of Gymac and Development of two new studios in the upstairs area which will be fully functional as from start of January 2024 and will be the place to host our new part of the program @Gymac.

Our Gymac family increased.

Last year was big year for our Gymac family as from only coaches Jakub and Gigi we expanded into amazing team which includes Baba, Amrit, Gars, Yash, Mame, Aurelie, Teddy and Guiome. We won't stop expanding also in the next year.

New website and parents and coaches’ portal

Year 2023 was a huge in term of our it development as we managed to launch finally our Gymac website and we started developing portal for our parents and gymnasts to be able to see attendance of their children, to be able to see their development and be better informed about all what is happening at Gymac.

Parents portal is by the end of this year fully finished and will be launched with the start of January 2024

Development of evaluations system and first achievements for general gymnastics classes

2023 was a great success for our internal @Gymac evaluation system which we launched first time in April and already thanks to this system we have been able to hand out first Gymac certificates and select new development squad.

For the next year the first evaluation is already prepared for the month of February.

For our high performance, competitive squad 2023 was a year in the sign of hard work as we managed to level up onto level 2 FIG competition system and competed on two competitions. Thanks to their hard work the members have been selected into the selection for the national youth team of Mauritius.

In the next year, we aim even higher.

New slots and classes in 23

We managed to offer more places for you within our artistic gymnastics program, parents and tots , aerial acrobatics, judo and newly also Kung-Fu program. It was a lot of happening in 2024 but we are planning even more in next year so stay tuned.


This year we will again don't stop!!

Firstly, we are planning to start a year with a new event Gymac Open day, this event will be held on Sunday 14th January 10:00-15:00 and will showcase all the activities, from existing to newly introduced by Gymac in 2024 so definitely save the date as on the program is lots of challenges and activities for the kids and parents, good food, drinks and music.

Apart of This event gymac is preparing for 2024 new branch of social cultural activities which will consist of regular activities such as board games club, chess club, drama club and also occasional events such Gymac evening screenings, board games evenings, gymac outings and more.

Socio cultural branch is not the only one which will have their premier at the Gymac. As from Janury 2024 it will also be Gymac Zen branch which will start with introduction of Pilates and massage for our supportive parents.

And least but not last Gymac Dance branch which will bring break dance into gymac.

Our Gymac Family will expand again as from January 2024 and our team will join:

Leader of pilates program, sport and relaxation massage and manager of gymac social cultural activities.

Reinforcement into our general gymnastics program, lead coach of parkour, tricking and fitness classes at Gymac .

Teacher of break dance.

Gymac will be also starting cooperation with local specialists in medical area and will be offering some very interesting opportunities to YOU, our members.

The first one will be cooperation with Mypodologue Mauritius and will offer FEET AND GAIT consultation for a discounted price for our members, it is opportunity not to be missed and more you can read in attached poster.



In the new year, we would like to set up new section of baby gym and construct new structure for a kitchen and reception.

As for new equipment, we hoping to bring new trampoline tracks for the further development of tumbling and new trampolines for development of trampoline discipline.


Gymac Cup is on and will be bigger than ever, we also planning to visit again other local clubs for interclub competitions with competition and advanced levels and for general classes will be again ready evaluations and one competition hosted at Gymac itself.
2024 is the year we hope to send a first person for competing internationally however there is lots of to be done prior to that.

To be able to make it, we would desperately need a spring floor for our competitive gymnasts to development into international standard but the finances are the obstacle. So, if ever you could help or know somebody who is that capacity please let us know.

Finances is unfortunately a big word which cannot be left behind, due to an increasing cost prices and higher maintenance we need to increase prices in order to be able to function and be able to deliver classes in high standard.

For the new prices please visit our Web page on this link.

The new priceless will be effective as from February 2024.

We hope to still have your support.

Thank you for being in it with us.

Your Gymac team