Gymac is expending

In this new year 2024, gymac is opening up to new opportunities, welcoming new coaches and set up new work areas to offer a wider variety of teaching situations.

All this allows us to open up to new disciplines for the whole family.

Let us introduce the new classes for 2024


New acrobatic Class

Freestyle Gym Parkour

This new discipline involves crafiing creative and spectacular sequences of kicks and acrobatics in a rhythmic and aesthetic manner. Freestyle Gym enhances , coordination, agility, movement precision, as well as balance and creativity


In tumbling, your children will learn to master spectacular sequences of jumps, rolls and aerial figures. In a safe, dynamic environment, children will develop not only their agility, coordination and balance, but also their self-confidence.


New Dance Class


Experience the electrifying world of Breakdance a captivating street dance. that fuses athleticism, creativity, and rhythm.

Dance with your Kid

Inspired by Zumba and many other dance styles ( like hip hop, afro) come and share a moment with your child through the joy of dance. a convivial and fun moment to develop your ability to coordinate, orientate in space and body awareness.


New Adult Sports


Join Eric at the studio for a pilates experience. Strengthen your body and mind through deep muscle-strengthening movements, pilates helps improve your posture and flexibility and relaxes your mind


Join us in the dynamic world of cheerleading! Combining dance, acrobatics and group pyramids, our programmes are designed for all ages and skill levels. Let's build our cheerleading family together and discover the excitement of team energy, while learning amazing moves that are sure to impress!


New Adult Sports

Board Game

Come and spend an entertaining moment with us thanks to our board games. chess, uno, checkers, monopoly ... you'll find a game partner to have fun with. a moment of socialization and cooperation where you can develop your logic and strategic skills.
Every weekday at 4pm to 5pm


The acting class is a time to discover how to act, to overcome shyness and to open up to others. In a small group and in a reassuring environment, come and try your hand at acting.
Every Saturday at 2.30pm to 3.30pm